Dr. Gombobaatar Sundev (Board member, International Coordinator)

GombooHe works at Ornithological Laboratory of the National University of Mongolia as a professor and general director of the Mongolian Ornithhological Society (http://www.mos.mn/index.php?mm=about).

He has been involving in more than 30 national and International research and conservation projects as researcher, bird expert, national coordinator, supervisor, and co-supervisor for last decade (http://www.mos.mn/index.php?mm=about&task=view&id=72). He completed his Ph.D. on Saker flacon research and conservatioin in Mongolia at the National University of Mongolia in 2006 and finished his post doctorate training at the Ben Gurion University and IBRC, Eilat, Israel in 2008. Dr. S.Gombobaatar (Gomboo) is serving several different duties through national representatives and experts at national and international organizations such as a national focal point for the Scientific and Technical review panel (STRP) of the Ramsar Convention and a board member of the Ramsar Convention secretariat of Mongolia, a board member of the Raptor Research Foundation Conservation committee, USA, a member of the Japanese Bird Banding Association, a member of the International Ornithologist’s Union, USA, recognized Ph.D. supervisor of the Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, India, a national representative of the Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Japan etc..., besides a board member of this committee. His activities focus on not only scientific research and conservation works on birds in Mongolia at the University level (see his publication list at http://www.mos.mn/index.php?mm=database&task=view&id=497), but also professional birding and bird filming tours through the Mongolian Ornithological Society (see www.birding.mos.mn). He is also authors of several bird-related books in Mongolian and English (see http://www.mos.mn/index.php?mm=database&task=list&type_id=4).
The board members’ nearest plan for birding and bird rarities in Mongolia is to set the National database on the rare species (see rare species table) of the country through this committee and professional birding trips in the country.